Who I am?
My name is Terri Peterk (Tereza Peterkov√°), I live in the Czech Republic and I was born on 20th February 1994.
I studied high school with a focus on cosmetics. If you're wondering why I have just a few posts about cosmetics...I need to fix it! My blog is still young so that's not quite the way I imagine. I need to work on it and it takes a while.

Why I chose to become a blogger?
 I've always loved fashion. I was taking a pictures of my outfits and adding it to my Fhotoroom (I didn't have Instagram at that time). Then I got an idea to create a Tumblr account. After that I realized that it's not all what I can do for my fashion passion. I knew a few bloggers in those days and I've always admired their blogs. I wanted to be like them. So I decided to start my own. And I'm glad I did. 

What about my fashion style?
The most essential thing is to be yourself. You need to feel comfortable and you have to be just YOU. I love to feel elegant sometimes, so I put on some dress or skirt, blazer and heels. But sometimes is good to feel comfortable in some sneakers, jeans and simple top. I love to combine different styles. It's very important to find what suits you best.

What would I like to accomplish in my life?
That is a really hard question. I have a few ideas and dreams what I want from life. I would like to become a professional blogger or make up artist. Those two things really fulfills me. I found it out recently but now I already know what I want. Maybe it will change. Who knows. I think it all depends on coincidence, occasions and my will. I would also like to know some other places. The places where fashion is life...New York City, London, Paris, Los Angeles. I hope I will someday!

My favorite quote?
To get what you want, you need three essential conditions: "want", "attempt" and "get the opportunity". It does not work by itself. "Want" is the basic premise. "Attempt" is up to you. And "opportunities" - always have been.

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