Show me your nails

Ok guys, so I decided that I will put together some nails that I had. Of course these are not all the nails that I've ever had but only the ones that I found. 

I remember that I used to have stick-on nails when I was about 12-13 years old. It was dreadful, I always lost some. So I decided that I will try gel nails. It was much better to be honest. But it also didn't last long. At the end, I tried acrylic nails. I have to say that they last a month. I think it's a long time compared to stick-on and gel nails. Now it's about 4 years since I got my acrylic nails. I'm happy with them, even though it really destroys your nails. But I like long nails and I'm working with alcohols, so my nails would still have been destroyed. 
Let me show you some of my nails.

I used to have a square shape but then I went to almond shape. I think it's more cool.

My favorite Christmas nails! The last nails I did by myself. It was for my sister.

All the nails are made by Linda. You can check out her facebook page here or her instagram here.

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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