Beach bag essentials

Hello, guys! Summer is here, so I'm bringing to you my beach bag essentials!

If you live by the beach or you are going on vacation to the sea and you still don't know what to take to the beach with you, you should continue reading.

1. Sunscreen, lip balm, refreshing water
These things are the most important things for me to bring with you to the beach. Just because the sun is very dangerous, especially around 11 to 2 hours in the afternoon.
You should forget the fact that some sunscreens are waterproof. It's not true. You must use sunscreen every time you come out of the water and 15 minutes before going into the sun.
Lip balm with a high SPF factor is also important. It protects your lips from drying.
The another useful thing is refreshing water spray. It beautifully refreshes you if you don't want to go into the water.
And the last thing is the shower gel after sunbathing. It cools your body and keeps your tan longer.

I recommend these products:

Shower gel Dermacol / Sunscreen Avene / Water spray (similar) Sephora / Lip balm Labello

2. Water, food and snacks
Yes, you have to drink, drink and drink. It's best to drink pure water. I tried Voss water which is pure Artesian water from Norway with an amazing taste. It's a little bit more expensive, but I think it's worth a try.
You can also take some snacks with you, especially when you're on the beach all day and you come home in the evening. I prefer some fruit, because it's healthy and it can't melt in the sun. I'd also recommended my favorite cookies Biscoff.

Voss water Voss / Cookies Biscoff

3. Sunglasses
It definitely can't miss. It's not only a fashion accessory but it protects your eyes from the sun. As I said, the sun can be very dangerous. Your eyes may be irritated, bloodshot, aching, weep... Long-term effects of UV radiation are unfortunately much more serious. These include retinal damage, cataract formation and changes in the surface of the eye.

Wayfarer Ray-ban / Aviator H&M / Round H&M

4. Straw boater hats
It looks cool but it also protects your head from the sun. If you don't, it may cause you a headache, heatstroke, sunburn or skin cancer. I had heatstroke once and it's not nice at all. Heatstroke is the overheating of the brain that is manifested by headache, fever and weakness. Severe forms can cause swelling of the brain and subsequent death!

Black one Missguided / Brown one Missguided

5. Beach bag, scarf
Where would you put all those things without a beach bag? I prefer smaller bags over the shoulder. I think it's more comfortable, but if you have a lots of things to take with you, larger bag would be better. I fell in love with this pineapple beach bag! I bought it a year ago but I still wear it to the beach. This watermelon bag is also amazing. Both are from H&M. 
It's also good to have some scarf, so you could just put it over your shoulders or waist. Because my shoulders are burned first!

Pineapple bag H&M / Watermelon bag H&M / Scarf Etsy

6. Swimsuit, spare underwear
I usually go to the beach in a swimsuit but someone likes comfort or they go from the beach to the town or work, so they have to change their clothes. So it's basically a necessity to have a swimsuit. I really love to combine different swimsuits. For example, a blue top with a white bottom. It looks really cool.
Nobody likes to be in a wet swimsuit all day. It's very uncomfortable and annoying. Especially, if you live far away from the beach or you have to go to the work. So I would definitely recommended to take a spare underwear with you. I fell in love with Naja underwear. I really love their product, just because some of their products are made from fabric that is made out of recycled plastic bottles (PET). I think it's a great idea and it's also great for nature. You can read more or shop some of their products here.

Blue bikini top Topshop / White bikini bottoms H&M /
 Blue-brown bikini top (similar) Accessorize / Black bikini bottoms H&M / 
Panties Naja

Thank you for reading! 
Love Terri

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