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Hello guys!
This post is not going to be a fashion post, but I will show you some pictures from the Titanic exhibition I took two days ago. It is in Prague-Letňany exhibition but I think it is also worldwide so if you are from another country, maybe you will see it there. 
It was very interesting, all the things that have been preserved are real. You can also see there some pictures that were captured in those days. First, you will see a short film about how they built the Titanic and how the Titanic sailed. Then you proceed to the exhibition. There you will see everything from the beginning, Titanic plan design, equipment.. You can also read on the wall what passengers said about the ship. Then you will see some rooms as First class cabins, Second class cabins and Third class cabins.. smoking room, coffee room, gym and also Grand staircase. 
You can also see personal belongings of the passengers, clothes, dishes, some parts of the ship and more. I think it's better if I show you some pictures. Take a look.
You will get this boarding pass, on the other side you will find who you were on the Titanic. I was an American man who traveled back to the US from a vacation. I traveled alone and I was pretending to be German Emperor.
First Class cabin. Saloon cabin price was 4.350 USD (128.000 USD in these days). First class cabin price was 150 USD (4.400 USD in these days). Second class cabin price was 60 USD (1.900 USD in these days).
Third Class cabin. There was a terrible sound, because these cabins were on the bottom of the ship. The price of this cabin was 20-40 USD (440-1170 USD in these days).
Coffee room.
Grand staircase. The only thing that survived was the statue pedestal.
1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class menu.
Some beautiful dresses.
And then they hit the iceberg...
This was real was so cold, people died on the lifeboats because they froze.
Old mirror and comb.
I like this little clutch.
Old money.
Personal belongings.
This is a list of all the passengers of the Titanic. You can see how money is important in human society, mainly when it comes to life. You can see how many people from the 3rd class died and how few people survived. If you compare it with the 1st class, it's unbelievable. Btw, the man I was, survived. He was in the 1st class.
And this is me on the Titanic!

Have you been to the Titanic exhibition? How was that? What you liked the most? Let me know!
If you are unsure whether to go or not, it's definitely worth it. I was expecting that it will be a little longer, but the good thing is that you can be there as long as you want. You will get an audioguide, so you can listen to what interests you. I think that price is ok as well, it is about 12 USD. 
So do not hesitate and go take a look. You can read more about it on their website.
The exhibition runs untill 30th of June.

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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