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Hello guys!
I can't believe how quickly is July over. I almost couldn't enjoy the summer so far because I've been working a whole month. Anyway I'm going to change it next month because I'm ready for a vacation. But don't worry, when I come back I will add so many posts as I can. Now let's go back to these favorite things.

I will start with this Garnier 2in1 Eye Makeup Remover. This is my second pack already because it's quite small, but I'm very satisfied with it, it's for a very good price and the quality is amazing. I used my Eye Makeup Remover from Sephora before, and if I had to compare it, it's exactly the same. But this remover from Garnier is much more cheaper, so I guess I will stay with this. It removes your eye makeup very quickly and it's gentle to your eyes. It also removes waterproof makeup which is a big plus.

Next up is this amazing thing for cleaning your brushes. I was talking about brush cleaning in my previous post and I showed you the Cleansing gel for that. I also talked about this Brushegg but I didn't show it to you guys. It' really good thing for a very good price. Brush cleaning is very important, not only for your brushes but even for your skin. And how to use it? Just put a little bit of cleansing gel or soap on this brushegg and with circular motions rotate your brush until it's completely clean. You can also use your hand but I think this is more efficient.

Another favorite thing is also my second pack. It is this Dermacol Satin Makeup Base. I had a small pack before and it is already gone so I bought this bigger package. I have to say, this makeup base is one of my favorite I've ever used. I have very dry skin so I need a lot of hydration and I know that a lots of primers have a very thick consistency and they are more for oily skin. So I'm very happy that I found this one. Your skin is really like satin after it and your makeup last all day. If you have dry skin I would definitely recommend it.

This next thing is more personal but it's also very important to use so why not to show you. It is Dove Go Fresh Deodorant. I have to say, I use only Dove deodorants because they are my favorite. They smell nice and you can choose among many scents. This is cucumber and green tea scent and it smells amazing. I also have one with the warm powder scent which sounds weird but it also smells awesome. The price is also amazing and you can buy it in any drugstore.

Now it is a year when I had my fake nails for the last time. My nails were in a really bad condition but I already spoke about it. Now my nails are finally better and lately I wear only a transparent nail polish. It is the easiest way if you don't have much time to keep your nails pretty. It's good because it is not seen when your nail polish is peeled. I love colorful nails but there is nothing worse than peeled nails. This Miss Sporty Nail Expert 5in1 is amazing bacause it cantains a firming ingredients for your nails, so your nails are stronger then.

The last thing is also for nails. It is this Essence Nail Polish Remover with Passion fruit scent. This remover is good because it is acetone free, so your nails are not dry when you use it. It also smells good, not even like some nail polish remover. I'm not sure if I ever showed this remover before but never mind, I'm very happy with this. It removes your nail polish very quickly and it also removes nail polish with glitters inside which is also good because I hate to remove it.

Other favorites:
Favorite movie: Amy (2015)
Favorite actor/actress: Anthony Mackie
Favorite song: La Bicicleta - Carlos Vives, Shakira
Favorite brand: Topshop
Favorite book: Cell - Stephen King
Favorite youtuber/blogger: Simply Nailogical

Eye Makeup Remover Garnier
Brushegg Brushegg
Makeup Base Dermacol
Deodorant Dove
Nail Polish Miss Sporty
Nail Polish Remover Essence

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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