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I did a similar post about a year ago, but I know that a lot of you haven't seen it so I wanted to do something new. I don't have many essentials this year, because I wanted to pick the most important things. Each person should be protected from the sun, even if you have darker skin or less susceptible to sunburn. It's very important to protect your face as well. Your face will be burned faster than the rest of your body, this is why we should protect our face more. So if you use SPF 10, use SPF 20 for your face or even higher. I have a very sensitive skin so I use SPF 50 and sometimes it's not enough. 
You should also use your sunscreen every time you get out of the water, because don't trust waterproof sunscreens. It's also very important to protect your eyes. So don't wear your sunglasses just because it's cool or you don't wear any makeup but also for protecting your eyes. And don't forget your lips! I always wear my lip balm with SPF. Let's talk about it individually. 
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As I said before, I have a very sensitive skin and my skin burns quickly. I have to use at least SPF 50 (I don't know if they make higher SPF but they should be), it's usually for kids but I found this one and it looks very promising. I've never used it before, but I will try it in a few days because I'm off to Mallorca. This sunscreen is from the brand Sebamed, I've never heard about it before but I read that it is a German brand. It was also for a very good price, I think it's unnecessary to buy the expensive sunscreens for me, because I'm going to vacation once a year and I won't use it much. But if you live by the sea, it's good to invest. But I think that the quality is the same.

Sunscreen Sebamed

Face sunscreen
No, I don't use only SPF 15 for my face if you're asking. But as I said, if you are using sunscreen SPF 20, use SPF 30 for you face. Just because I use SPF 50 for my body, I have to use higher SPF for my face, so I use this Astrid sunface sunscreen with SPF 15 as a base and then I add my suncreen with SPF 50. I wear makeup every day (except days when I'm at home or on vacation), so my face is not tanned at all. This is why I need more coverage. And I'm really not that person who wears makeup to the beach.

Face sunscreen Astrid

Sun protect lip balm
I am a person who always has dry lips, so I always need to have some lip balm with me. This sun protect lip balm from Labello is the best for summer. It is with SPF 30 so it protects your lips well. You can also wear it everyday, because it moisturizes your lips nicely.

Lip balm Labello

After-sun lotion
You should not only protect your skin from the sun, but also after sun. I got this Sun Dance after-sun balm, but I've never try it before, so I'm curious how it will work. You should also buy some lotion with panthenol, because it protects your skin and accelerates the healing when the skin is burned.

After-sun balm Sun Dance

Thermal water
I think this is a lifesaver if you are on the beach, sunbathing and you don't want to go into the water. So you just take your thermal water and spray it over your body. I think it's very refreshing and it's always handy. You can also use it if you are not on the beach but somewhere in the town and it's exctremely hot. This thermal water from Vichy saved my life when I was in Venice. It was pretty hot so it was very nice to refresh yourself with it.

Thermal water Vichy

Sunglasses, hat & beach bag
Protect your eyes from the sun is very important as I said before. Especially if you have sensitive eyes. You should also choose your sunglasses based on SPF (each pair of sunglasses should have it).
Don't forget to cover your head with a straw hat, it looks cool and it prevents you get a sunburn. Also make sure that you check your moles, it can be very dangerous if you are in the sun all day.
At the end, put it all in some nice beach bag! These sunglasses, hat and beach bag are all from Gate.

Sunglasses Gate // Beach bag Gate // Hat Gate

Are you going to vacation? What was your best vacation ever? Let me know!

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