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Hello guys!
I can't believe that December and the whole year is almost over. I had a great year and I hope that next year will be great too. This is also my last post in 2016, so I wish you a Happy New Year guys!
I picked up for you my favorite bits, this time it's not only cosmetics, but things I got for Christmas.

I'll start with my favorite makeup remover. It's called Take the day off and it's from Clinique. This is my third package I guess, I really love how quickly you take your makeup off with it. It is a cleansing balm, so all you need to do is moisten your face and then just apply. You can also use it to remove your eye makeup, but I prefer a classic remover. I use my micellar water from Bioderma now, but I can't wait to use this balm after I finish it.

The next up is this Yankee Candle. You all probably know this candle, so you definitely know how it smells. I got mine for Christmas and this is the scent of Strawberry Buttercream. I have it in the biggest size and it should last 110-150 hours. I love the smell of this candle, it is sweet and pleasant. I also decided to make a collection of Yankee Candles, so let's get started!

Another favorite product is this Castor oil from Soaphoria. And what is castor oil used for? It has a moisturizing effect, eliminates wrinkles and it's good for hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and nails. I bought it mainly because of my eyebrows. You've probably heard about my eyebrows a million times so you know how bad my eyebrows are. I have very thin eyebrows and it just doesn't grow. I use this oil for a month so I can't really tell you if it's better or not but I can tell that my eyebrows grow faster. And what about the packaging!
This brand produces a lot of oils for different things and it's also cheap, so definitely check that out.

Another thing I'm going to talk about are these Liqueur pralines. I don't know what brand it is, I got it for Christmas but I think you can get it in every store. I really love the packaging, it looks quite expensive. There are five chocolates inside the box, some with brown filling and some with white. I love both so much that I ate it right away. Never mind, it's just chocolate.

The next up are these two shower gels with mandarin from Lush and it's called The Olive Branch. I really love the products from Lush, especially because they don't test on animals and it's all handmade. I have these two in a mini version, but I'm thinking about buying the normal one. It smells really nice and it leaves your skin so soft. They also have more scents, so it's only up to you what is best for you.

The last favorite things are these iPhone cases from the brand Wooder. I think it's impossible to get case for iPhone 7 plus, they should produce more cases for this size. But I found this online shop and they had a lot of cases on their website! I wanted to buy some Christmas case so I chose this one with twigs and the another one with marbel. I had the marbel one before when I had my 5s, and I think that marbel is very popular right now, so I have to buy it. Both cases are made of TPU material, so they are flexible. They also have cases for Samsung and Huawei, so definitely check that out.

Other favorites:
Favorite movie: Sully (2016)
Favorite actor/actress: Tom Hanks
Favorite song: Million Reasons - Lady Gaga
Favorite brand: Lush
Favorite book: Štěstí - Nejkrásnější citáty
Favorite blogger/youtuber: Kenza Zouiten

Cleansing Balm Clinique
Candle Yankee Candle
Castor Oil Soaphoria
Pralines Chockies
Shower Gel Lush
Cases Wooder & Wooder

Thank you for reading!
and Happy New Year!
Love Terri

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