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Hello guys!
This post has been highly requested so I decided I will show you my little tutorial how I edit my photos. This mainly relates to my Instagram photos or favorite products. I didn't edit my outfit photos much, sometimes I add contrast but that's all.
I take a photos on my iPhone 7 plus which has a great camera (12 mp, optical zoom at 2x, digital zoom up to 10x, wide-angle lens and telephoto lens). Lighting also makes a big difference. If you don't have softbox, try to take your photos while it's the best light (11am-2pm), it also depends on whether it's summer or winter.
For editing photos I use VSCO Cam, Afterlight, Facetune, Instasize and sometimes Snapseed. Everything is available for iOS and Android.

I always take more photos to have to choose from. When I select the best one, I start with VSCO. This app has a lot of filters, but I always use A5 (set it to +10) because it adds a blue tint. But I also like HB1 or HB2. The iPhone takes a photos with a warm touch but I like when my photos are cooler, so that's why I want to add a blue color. Then I set the exposure to -0,5 or -1, add contrast to +0,5 or 1 and then I set the blue highlights tint to 1,5 or 2. You can also set the shadows blue but that's not so important. Then just save your photo but make sure it's saved in the highest quality.

The next step is Afterlight. This app is paid but it's only for $0,99 which is not bad at all. In this app I use clarify and I set it on 50 or less (depending on the photo). Then I tune brightness (usually -10) and contrast (usually +10) again, set the temperature on -10 and add my favorite filter which is called Russ. This filter I set to 10 to 20. This app also has a lot of amazing filters but mainly I use Russ or Finn. This app is also good for cropping your photos. And that's it, let's go to another apps.

Facetune app is also paid ($5.99) but it's definitely a life-saver. I didn't use this app before but it makes a big defference in your photos! Especially when you love "the white photos" as much as I do. So of course I use this app for whitening my photos, if that makes sence. This app is also good for blurring your background or if you want to smooth your skin for example. So after my background is white (you can save it and then go back and do it again to make it more whiter), I save a photo and then I go to InstaSize. This app is good if your photo is not in the square, you can add a borders, which makes your photo square. I also use it for white frames around my photo (I always go for 3). I like the way it looks on my Instagram feed.

And that's it! Now you can share the photo wherever you want! It may seem a bit difficult but you don't have to do it like I do, you can play with it as you want and find out the best way for you. And remember that every photo is different, so it all depends on how the photo looks like.
 Now I will show you before and after.
...or let's go back to Halloween...

Did it help? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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