How to find the perfect bra?

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There are a lot of different bras these days, but do you know how to choose the right one? A lot of people still don't know what size or type of bra should they wear. I didn't know that either, when I was younger I always wore the smallest size because I thought I have the smallest breasts. Then I started to realize that it's too small for me and that my breasts grow as my body. You also have to look at the perimeter of your chest. I know a lot of people who buy a bra only by the size of the cups, but that's totally wrong because you can have a small breasts but also have a broad chest and vice versa. So how to choose a perfect bra? I teamed up with ThirdLove which is the online shop with bras and underwear and they also pay attention to the perfect fit. You can find everything on their website, from the size chart to different breast shapes.

I think that find a perfect bra is not so easy, so if you want to make it more easier, pay attention to these problems. Make sure that your bra is not too tight! A lot of people buy a smaller bra just to make their breasts look bigger, but it's not a good idea, you could have some medical problems because of that. Some of you also can have a problem with side overflow or cup overflow, it means that your cup is too small and you should go for size up. There is also the opposite problem and it is a gap in your cup. It means that you should tighten the straps or buy a smaller one. There is another issue with the straps and it is when your straps are slipping. It is my biggest problem because it is okey at the beginning of the day but during the day it slips over and over again and it's so annoying to put it on every time. It's good to tighten your straps every month because the straps always tend to stretch out. 
I'm also going to show you a different types of bras that I own. You should also know that not every type of bra is for all breast, so choose a bra according to your type of breast. Here are some of the most common.

This type of bra is the most common, it exists in a million colors with a million of details. I think that every person should have this bra, it depends on you if you prefer a simple color like black, white or nude or if you are more into the lace and ornaments. I like this one, it is not the most practical because it is visible under a white shirt, but you can wear it anytime else.

I love this bra so much, it is nude so you can wear it under a white shirt or top and it also has a detachable straps which is a must have in your wardrobe. I was obssesed with bardot tops last summer so I wear this bra all the time.

I like the look of this bra, especially the lace detailing at the bottom. It also looks cool under see throught shirt or with low back or front top. Disadvantage for me is that it doesn't have any pads so it makes my breasts look smaller, especially when I have a bodycon top. But if you have a bit bigger breasts than I do, it may be perfect for you. But this bra is not for all types, if you have bigger breasts than E (DD) cup, it shouldn't work for you well.

This bra is also my favorite. I love that it makes your breasts look bigger when you wear a low front top. This bra is suede with rhinestones in it which looks absolutely gorgeous. This bra is also very comfortable because it has no underwire, and it is suitable for all types of breasts under E (DD) cup.

I got this bra in three colors (white, black, nude) and I wore them to death in summer. As I wrote before, it is perfect under bardot tops or no shoulder dress. It is also very comfortable and it has a removable pads so it only depends on you if you want them or not. You can also wear it for sport.

Sport bra
Sport bra in not for everyday wear but I know some people who wears it instead of normal bra. I wear it only when I do a workout because I think it's not so practical to wear it all time, especially in summer. So it's only up to you if it is comfortable for you. This bra works well for all shapes.

So what do you guys think? Was it helpful for you? If you want to know more about bra size or breast shape, check out ThirdLove's website where you can find more. I'm so happy for this site because I learned some tips and tricks as well!


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