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A little bit late I'm posting this but I didn't have much time lately. How are you enjoying summer or holiday? The weather is so hot right now that I can't even breathe. What's helping me a lot is ice cold smoothie or iced tea. And also ice cream! I prepared for you my favorite products for July, but maybe you could see some of them before but I don't have many new things right now.

Let's start with this Aloe Vera Sun Lotion by Avivir. I did a post about this brand and about this lotion before (you can check it out here) but I would like to mention it again because I think it's very importat now in summer to have at least some sun lotion. It's 36 degrees Celsius today, so you have to use at least SPF 15. This one is SPF 30 but I use it mostly in Spain when the sun is more intense but if you are pale, you should definitely use 30 or 50. I really like this sun lotion because it contains 70% active aloe vera and it protects, moisturizes and hydrates your skin.

Another favorite item is this Hoola bronzer from Benefit. This is my favorite bronzer I have ever tried. I showed it before but I have to mention it again. I got this bronzer about a year ago, I use it every day and it still almost full! And it is a small, travel version. I really love this bronzer because it's very pigmented and it lasts all day. I also love the color of it, it is not orange and it's not also so dark, so if you have pale or more tanned skin it is perfect for you. It also has brush inside but I don't use it.

The next items are these two products with olive oil from Aphrodite. One is Cleansing gel and the second is Face scrub. First, you will use cleansing gel which cleans your skin from impurity and then use face scrub which exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin and black spots. It is a mini version but you can also buy it in a full version. Olive oil helps irrigate your skin and leaves it nicely soft.

This is not a cosmetic product but I would like to show you it. I really like this iPhone case with glitters inside. I can't tell you where to buy it because I got it from the US but I will try to find a similar one. This cover is very thick so it makes you phone bigger and harder but I really like how it looks anyway. Also don't bring it to the plane because there is the fluid inside so they wouldn't have to let you in.

The next item is Dew the Hoola from Benefit. This is basically a liquid bronzer but you can also use it all over your face as I do. If you're a bit tanned (I am after I came from Spain) you can easily use it instead of your normal foundation. It doesn't have a big coverage so if you have problematic skin it may not be perfect for you. But you can also use your foundation and after that you can use this bronzer on it, so it makes your skin smooth and tanned. I really prefer this liquid bronzer instead of my normal foundation because it's very lightweight and your skin can breathe. It also makes my face more tanned because my body is more tanned than my face. And how to apply it? You can use your fingers, foundation brush or beauty blender.

And last item I have to mention is this Hand cream from Nobilis Tilia. I also showed you this cream in one of my previous posts (you can read it here) but I have to show it again because it is my favorite hand cream now. It is bio cream designed for those who have always dry hands. It softens and hydrates your skin and nourishes it. It also reduces scaling. Your hands are soft all day after this and it also smells nice.

Other favorites:
Favorite movie: Gilda: No me arrepiento de este amor (2016)
Favorite actor/actress: Natalia Oreiro
Favorite song: Complicated - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. David Guetta
Favorite brand: Simmi
Favorite youtuber/blogger: SandyMakesSense

Sun Lotion Avivir
Hoola Bronzer Benefit
Cleansing Gel & Face Scrub here and here
Phone Case Ebay
Dew The Hoola Benefit
Hand Cream Nobilis Tilia

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Love Terri

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