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Hello guys!
January is almost over. I know I keep saying that every time I'm writing a new favorite products but it's so crazy how fast the time goes. I didn't get so many new pieces this month but I have a lot of products I haven't shown you yet from a previous months so I think this is a good opportunity. Let's get started.

I'm going to start with this Goof Proof Brow Pencil from Benefit and this is actually my second packaging. I also used Precisely, My Brow before, so we can say this is my third packaging from Benefit. I think that Benefit has the best products in terms of eyebrows. You can actually make your eyebrows look flawless even if your real eyebrows look terrible or you don't have any, like me. Also you don't have to be a master to fill your brows perfectly with their products. They have six shades which are really good shades, not those fake ones you can see in the drugstores. I have mine in shade 3 and I have had this shade also when I was blonde, so I think it's perfect when you have blonde hair or brown hair with bright eyes.

The next product I have to mention is this Shimmering Skin Perfector Press 'Highlighter' from Becca Cosmetics in shade C Pop. Oh my God, this is the best highlighter I've ever used. It's quite expensive but I've been looking at this highlighter over a year and now I finally got it so I really think it's worth it.  Especially if you're fool to highlighters. I've been using Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm before and it kind of reminds me this one. So if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, I think it's also very good.

I've shown you this Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybelline a million times I know, but I really think it's the best mascara ever. My mascara always lasts about 2 months and I think it's not necessary to buy an expensive mascara when it doesn't last any long and the quality is maybe the same as the quality of expensive mascara. This mascara makes your lashes looking longer, it doesn't smudge and it doesn't crumble.

This is not a makeup product but just because it's the new year now, I think I can put it here. I have never used any diary or notebook to write my notes or anything but then I got this notebook for Christmas and I thought why not to use it. So I started and now I have my work shifts, plans for my blog and also a vacation planner there. I also have there a tips where I want to go when I'm in New York. So it's something like a bucket list. And what about the yellow color!

Another item I've never tried before but it looked very interesting so I thought why not give a try. It is Micellar Cleansing Milk from Sephora and it is for face and eyes so I use it as a makeup remover which is not bad at all. It removes your makeup and especially eye makeup quickly but it says that you don't have to wash your face after it but I think that it leaves your face a little bit sticky I would say. So I would recommend to wash your face or use a skin tonic after this cleansing milk. My eyes were a little bit irritated when I use it to remove my eye makeup so be careful. Otherwise it's a good pruduct, it smells good but I don't think I will buy it again. I will probably stay with my cleansing wipes.

And the last but not least favorite product is this L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Foundation. I've also shown you this before but I have to mention it again because I really love it. The color is too dark for me, but I mix it with my Loreal True Match and it gives me a perfect shade. This foundation really lasts a long time, it lasts more than 12 hours and it doesn't change the color on your skin which a lot of foundations do. The price is also very good for its quality. So if you want some good foundation I definitely recommend this one, but choose the right color.

Other favorites:
Favorite movie: El Chapo (TV Series)
Favorite actor/actress: Marco de la O
Favorite song: We Are Legend - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
Favorite brand: Zara
Favorite youtuber/blogger: Vagabrothers
Favorite instagram: Girlvsglobe

Brow Pencil Benefit
Highlighter Becca
Mascara Maybelline
Diary (similar) Amazon
Cleansing Milk Sephora
Foundation L.A. Girl

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Love Terri

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