Halloween makeup looks

Hello guys!
Although I don't like fall and winter, I love Halloween!
I like to take the form of someone or something else. Last year I was Marilyn Monroe and then I was a black widow! You can check it out here. It was also my very first post! My blog will be the first anniversary this November so I'm going to do a special post, so keep an eye on it!

Anyway, back to my Halloween makeup looks. I'm going to show you 6 different makeup looks. You can use it for inspiration or you can try to do it! 
I had so much fun when I was doing this and it took a long time!
By the way, it is only makeup, I didn't pay attention to hair and outfits.

This mermeid look is not so hard as it looks. You will need some foundation, concealer, powder, blue, green and purple eyeshadows, fishnet (it may not be a fishing net, you can use a fishnet tights) and mascara or fake lashes.

Black swan
This is a very easy makeup look. I was inspired by the movie Black Swan. So as you can see, my face is half white swan and half is black swan (so was she). You will need some foundation, concealer, bright powder, black eye pencil, brown eyeshadows, mascara and bright lipstick.

Zombie bite
I love to make a zombies! I did something similar two years ago but this is more elaborate. This is all about layering so take a time with it. You will need a foundation, concealer, powder, brown, black, yellow and blue eyeshadows, liquid latex, napkin and fake blood. 

This look is very easy! Last year I was Marilyn Monroe so I decided to do this look of someone popular again. You will need a foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, black eye pencil, eyebrow pencil, mascara or fake lashes and lipstick.

Bride of Frankenstein
I know, she had a scar on her neck but I wanted to make it more interesting. All I need is just a wig. You will need a foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, white, brown and black eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner, mascara or fake lashes, dark red lip pencil and dark lipstick. This is about precision so take your time with it!

Creepy clown
This is probably my favorite makeup look I did this year. It's not much original but I like it. You will need a foundation, concealer, powder, blue, brown, black and gold eyeshadows, black eye pencil, mascara, red lipstick, liquid latex and fake blood. 

I know it is a little bit harder when you can't see a whole tutorial but I don't have a youtube channel... Anyway, I hope you appreciate my work, I had so much fun! Now I just have to choose what I will be on Halloween! If you do some of my Halloween makeup looks, you can tag me by hashtag #Halloweenbyterri and post it on Instagram!

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri
and Happy Halloween!

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