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Hello guys!
Here are my another favorite products! I think this month I had a lot of favorite things that I didn't know what to choose! So I chose for you something from each.

My biggest problem in the fall and winter are dry hands. My skin is very dry, so are my hands as well. I tried this Intensive 7 days hand cream from Garnier. I used this hand cream before and I was completely satisfied. It is with shea butter which lubricates the skin better. It also makes your hands soft all day which is a big plus.

In my September post you could see my favorite primer from Benefit. If you haven't seen it yet check it out here. But I found a new favorite primer! This one is from Rimmel and it is Lasting finish. I have to say, this primer has a really good consistency. It is more like face cream, so you don't need to use your cream before this primer. I think this primer is better for dry skin but if you have oilier skin you can use it as well. 

I got this Infallible 24h-matte foundation from Loreal a couple months ago but I don't use it because it was lighter than my skin. But now my tan is gone so I can start using it. I think this foundation has a really good cover, but it doesn't last very long.. that's why I don't use it very often, bacause I need to have my makeup lasted long when I'm at work all day. So it is a small minus. But I think that consistency is very good, it is not too oily or dry so it is for all skin types. 

I usually use a concealer with an applicator but I found useful to have brush for concealer. You can also use it instead of beauty blender. It's only up to you. The second brush is for lips. I never used it as I found much easier to apply just my lipstick without any brush. But I heard that using this brush is more economical for your lipstick. You apply only what is needed. 
Both are from Ebelin. You can find it in any drugstore and it is a very cheap but I think the quality is very good.

I guess I have a new addiction and it is a lipstick addiction. I love Rimmel lipsticks, specially edition by Kate Moss. I also love the cover of it. This is the new edition of Kate's lipstick and this is Lasting finish by Kate nude collection and it's shade 043. The color of this lipstick is very special. It looks different on your lips. I don't even know if I like this color to be honest. It is something between orange and brown.. you need to have a good skin tone for this lipstick. Anyway, it is very interesting and special color.

I had my old earphones for 3 years I guess. They were in a pack with my old Nokia. My earphones have never lasted so long like these. But they were very damaged so I had to buy a new ones. I think that the quality is very similar. These are a little bit louder but sound and bass are the same. These are from WUF, I don't know this brand but you can find it in Tesco. I love the white and gold color. They are also available in blue and black. I hope they will last a long time.

This power bank is a life saver. Specially when you are all day away and you can't charge your phone, or when you have a long way to go, for example the way to vacation. I got it because I had a 15-hour bus ride to Italy so I definitely needed it, just because I'm addicted to my phone and iphone battery just sucks. You can also use it for your ipad, ipod, laptop... you can also choose how much capacity you want. I got Adata PV110 10400 mAh and it lasts about 5 charges. It has two USB outputs so you can charge your phone and laptop at the same time. You can wear it anywhere and everywhere!

The last favorite item are these yummy cookies! I know it is not a thing or a cosmetic product but I just love it and had to show you. These are from Marks&Spencer and it is All butter belgian white chocolate chunk cookies. I love cookies and I love white chocolate which is absolutely a great combination. In the pack is 10 cookies but they are very rich so you don't eat it immediately. If you're not me.

Final look for featured products

I'm using Rimmel lasting finish primer, Loreal infallible foundation, Makeup Revolution powder and countour kit, Makeup Revolution shadows, Sephora mascara, S-he eyebrow pencil, Rimmel lasting finish by Kate liptick.


Hand cream Garnier
Primer Rimmel
Foundation Loreal
Concealer brush Ebelin
Lip brush Ebelin
Lipstick Rimmel
Earphones (similar) Tesco
Power bank Adata
Cookies Marks&Spencer

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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