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Hello guys!
It's almost December! I can't believe how quickly time passes. So with that, I'm bringing to you another favorite products for November. Let's get started.

The first favorite thing I have here for you is this Bourjois Healthy mix foundation. This foundation was recommended by one blogger, so I decided to try it too. I really loved my Loreal True Match foundation but they changed the cover of it and I heard that they changed the composition as well and the coverage is not so great. So I got this Healthy Mix. I didn't know which shade to choose but at the end I went for No. 53 Light Beige. 
If I had to compare these two foundation, I would say that True Match has a lower consistency against Healthy Mix. Also I think that True Match is better for my skin tone. Healthy Mix is better for oily skin I think but it can be used for dry skin as well. And what is better on Healthy Mix? It smells amazing! I really hate the smell of foundations but this is really amazing! It smells like fruit! This foundation also has a good coverage and it is easy to apply. I would recommend it.

I used my old makeup remover for 3 years I guess. So it was definitely time for change. I like oil-based makeup removers more than classic milky removers. I couldn't find the right one until I found this Biosource Balm-to-oil by Biotherm. It was also recommended by blogger so I was about to try it. It is amazing! It is perfect for my skin, I have a very dry skin so this oily cleanser and makeup remover is perfect for me. You can also remove your eye makeup with it. 

The next item I mentioned before in Makeup Revolution obsession post. You can check it out. But it is my favorite item so I want to tell you about it again. I have a really bad eyebrows so it is hard to make it looks perfect. I got this Focus and fix eyebrow shaping kit from Makeup Revolution. This is my favorite brand and I always like trying new things. This kit contains 3 different brown colors and one fusing wax. It also contains tweezers, eyebrow brush and mirror. The colors are good pigmented so you can create beautiful brows. I got this kit in Light-Medium but it is also available in Medium-Dark.

The next favorite item is also from Makeup Revolution. It is this lip pencil with sharpener. I really love the color of it. It is shade Vamp and if you buy a lipstick in the same shade, it is amazing combination. This lipliner is very pigmented so you can fill in your lips with it. I also love the idea of sharpener in the lid. It is available in many colors.

My last thing from previous post is Focus and fix eye primer also from Makeup Revolution. When I work 12 hours I want to keep my eyeshadows in place. I really hate when I have a blurry eyeshadows. So I bought this eye primer. I tried it and I have to say it does a really good job. Your eyeshadows are in place all day. I really don't know how could I do it without it. It also has a nice color, this is in brighten version so it brightens your eyes nicely.

Next item is this Outrageous curl mascara from Sephora. I mentioned this mascara in my previous post (I think it was Favorite October products) and this mascara is amazing. But it has some disadvantage as well. This mascara is very wet and clumpy and it tends to blur. When you wear it all day, you can expect that it will be blurred under your eyes and over your eyelid. Otherwise, this mascara perfectly separates your eyelashes and makes them very long. I also love the small brush so it is so much easier to apply. 

And my last favorite item is this Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing cream. I heard about this cream from one blogger and I just had to try it. As I said before, I have a very dry skin and this moisturizer is just perfect! It is such a shame that I haven't used it before. I think there are three different sizes of this cream. This is the smallest one, but I think it's enough for now. I just wanted to try it and maybe then I will buy a larger version.


Foundation Bourjois
Makeup remover Biotherm
Lip pencil Makeup Revolution
Eye primer Makeup Revolution
Mascara Sephora
Moisturizing cream Clinique

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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