Happy 1st Birthday to my blog!

Hello guys!
Today's post will be a little bit special. Why? Because it's my blog's birthday! It went so fast that I clearly remember when I was creating my blog and when I was writing my first post. 
You know, in these days it's a little bit harder to make a mark, because I think everyone has a blog now, which is kinda funny. Everyone calls themselves a 'blogger' but I think you will become blogger when you start making money by it. 

I definitely didn't start my blog just because it's 'cool' now. When I created my blog I didn't know any blogger. I've only followed one girl on Instagram (yes she is a blogger now) and she had just started her blog and I thought it could be great to do something similar, posting pictures of my outfits on the blog and write something about it. I was thinking about it for a while and then I decided to try it. At the time, I didn't know that you can make money by it, I didn't know that people who are doing it are called 'fashion bloggers'. I was just doing it for fun and I do it for fun all the time. 

If you want to start your blog, just do it. The sooner the better. Just don't do it for money. And don't expect that you will become famous in one month. It takes years and years and as I said, it is much more difficult to make a mark in these days when everyone calls themselves a blogger. It is all about patience and practicing. Over time, you will find what you enjoy the most. My blog is not just about fashion, I found that I enjoy writing about cosmetics more than about clothes.

It is already long so I just would like to thank you for watching my posts, photos, articles...for following me on social media, I know there are a few people who follow me since Fhotoroom and I really appreciate it. It is not about how many followers you have, but it is about people you have from the beginning. And I wouldn't do that without you. Thank you! 

So, let me walk you through my posts that I wrote the whole year. I noticed how much I've change in a year. Not only in taking pictures, writing, but also in my mind. I finally know what I love and what I would like to do in my life. 

November 2014

My absolutely first post was about how I spent my Halloween. I remember it took me about 8 hours to creat my blog...I've never had a blog on Blogger before so I didn't know how to do it. When it was finally done, I wrote my first post ever. My second post was a fashion post. Yeah, I shooted it at home on my phone haha. 

December 2014

In December I made only one post. It was about my jewelry collection. I remember when I collected jewelry. I think I should continue to do it.

January 2015

My first fashion post which was outside! It looks better right? Also I wrote about my time in the theatre (I love that dress). And I did a post 'what is in my makeup bag?' which is different now. Need to do a repost.

February 2015

In February I started to do more posts per month (when there was something to write about). I did a post about my Missguided collection to show how much I love that brand. Also I've been to Prague, so I took you guys with me and I wrote about it. Then I showed you my gel nails I had. And of course, some of my fashion posts.

March 2015

Teeth time! I had a long journey with my teeth... so I had to boast to you. Then it was about my fashion posts. Outside! With my new "photographer". 

April 2015

April is about Coachella! I put together some Coachella outfits, all in H&M clothes. They had a collaboration with Coachella which was absolutely great! And then my fashion posts again.

May 2015

Something new came up on my blog! Wish list! I was asked by Choies to make a post with their clothes so I decided to do something new. So since May, the wish list is on my blog every month. I do it through Polyvore if you are interested. I've been also to Vienna, so I did a post about my time there and also a fashion post from there.

June 2015

Changes for the better. I change my photographer. It was for personal reasons and I also wanted something more professional. All my photos were taken by iPhone so the quality was not so good and you couldn't see all the details. I also changed my blog design. Talented Kotryna Bass did it for me, check out her blog! And the last new thing was 'My favorite products'. It is about my favorite cosmetics, hair and body products for that month.

July 2015

I was asked by Naja lingerie to do a post 'Beach bag essentials'. It is my favorite post ever, I loved to doing it. '4th of July' post couldn't miss! Then I did a favorite products, wish list and a fashion posts.

August 2015

Lingerie brands had to love me, I did a post with some of their lingerie with clothes that fits with it and then I did 'Black and red obsession' to show you some of my favorite lingerie. I've been also to Italy, so I did a post with my beach looks and then I did a post with my evening looks!

September 2015

As I did my two previous posts from Italy, I did my third post from Venice. Such an amazing city. I also did my makeup routine which was kinda hard to do it just with a photos. Fashion posts, wish list and favorite products couldn't miss.

October 2015

The last month till my blog's birthday! Also Halloween time! I did some Halloween makeup looks, it was so much fun and it is also one of my favorite posts. I also did the Wish list: Halloween edition and some of a fashion posts.

So that's the whole year on my blog! I hope you guys enjoyed it, It was so much fun to do it! So thank you for your support again, Don't forget to check out my posts one by one. I'm already looking forward to do it again next year!

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