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Hello guys!
How are you doing? Ball season, Fashion weeks season, Awards season are coming! There is always something going on in February. I'm a big fan of events like the Grammy Awards or Academy Awards, so I definitely can't miss it! Although only on TV. Whether you are planning something or not, I prepared for you 7 evening outfits. I let myself be inspired by the great celebrities wearing their amazing dresses on the red carpet.

I think you can look great in a cheaper dress then Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, Stella McCartney etc. So I chose for you some dresses from Asos. But there's another twist! I'll also show you the outfits for men. I know here is a lot of male readers, so here is some inspiration for you! I chose for you these men's outfit from The Black Tux. It is a brand that offers rental of suits, tuxedos, vests, shirts and more. I think it's amazing, I didn't see it anywhere before. Sometimes it is unnecessary to buy a whole outfit when you wear it only once. So let's get started!

Sexy classic
I think this outfit is very simple for both. Navy blue dress with a big neck and slit will suit everyone. You can add some simple black heeled sandals and clutch. It fits perfectly to this suit. It's simple, elegent, sexy and it will suit every men.

Dress Asos / Suit The Black Tux

Red, Red, Red
I love the red color. You can wear it on any occasion, even for a Grammy or Academy Awards! This simple dress will suit everyone, whether you're blond or brunette. You can add black, nude or gold details and you're ready! It also goes perfectly with this elegant suit. I like the bow tie instead of a necktie, I think it looks more grown-up.

Dress Asos / Tuxedo The Black Tux

Hey you!
In this white dress every man will spin for you. You really can't go wrong with this dress. I love the detail on the back! I think that a lot of people don't dare to wear a white dress, but I don't know why.. you can be a queen of the night! It also goes perfectly with this black and white suit with a tie and a handkerchief in his pocket. 

Dress Asos / Suit The Black Tux

I think shorter dress are not bad at all. If you are the person with a nice long legs, you can definitely wear it! I also love this monochrome detail, it fits perfectly to this suit. You will be the great couple with this combination. 

Dress Lipsy / Suit The Black Tux

Spring is coming
I don't know why but I love flowers on everything. And why not have it on an evening dress? It adds flair to your outfit. A lot of people wear a flowers only in summer or spring but why not wear it on the big occasion? It also fits perfectly to this grey suit. When you have a feeling that black is boring, just wear grey! Add some necktie or a bow, and you can go!

Dress Asos / Suit The Black Tux

30s are back
I love 30s. I love movies from the 30s. And I love fashion of 30s. So I chose this dress that remind me the dress from The Great Gatsby. I also love the nude color with the gold details. Add some gold accessories and you'll be the queen! This suit also reminds me of the 30s. Grey jacket, trousers, vest, bow tie... it will go perfectly with this dress.

Dress Asos / Suit The Black Tux

The King and Queen
These two are my favorite outfits of all. I love this silver embellished dress. It looks so wow. This dress looks so expensive but it actually isn't so bad. You definitely would be the queen with this dress. I also love this new velvet tuxedo. I love velvet, it's great for larger events. Your partner will be the king with this!

Dress Asos / Tuxedo The Black Tux

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So what do you think guys? Which outfit is your favorite? I hope I gave you some inspiration if you are going to some party, ball or even fashion week. 

Don't forget to watch awards!
Grammy Awards - February 15 (CBS) 8e/5p
Academy Awards - February 28 (ABC) 7e/4p

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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