Hair treatment with The Envy Blowdry Set

Hello guys!
Today's post is going to be a little bit different. It's not about fashion or cosmetics. It's about a hair care. As you can see, my hair isn't so great as I'd like it to be. I always had a limp hair, without any volume. My hair is also very damaged mainly due to hair coloring. 
My real hair color is brown. I can't complain, I love the color, it is a pretty maroon. But I always wanted to be blond. Why? Because I like blonde girls and I wanted to be like them. So I dyed my hair blond. It was very bad at the beginning. It wasn't blond, it was copper. So I get it dyed and dyed and dyed until my hair started to break. My hair ends were very frayed and my hair stopped growing. I didn't pay attention because I had my dream blond. Now I know I can have a dream blond and healthy and nice hair at the same time. It's very important to use hair products to protect your hair. I used many products for damaged hair (also the products recommended to me by my hairdresser), but I can't say that everything helped me. Everyone has a different hair type and everyone prefers something else. It also depends on whether you have a damaged hair by dyeing, heat treatment, etc.

I got some hair treatment from Envy professional to try them. It is The Envy Blowdry Set and it contains Envy Dual Fix 12, Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and Gentle Detangling Conditioner. I will tell you about these products individually. 

Envy Dual Fix 12
"Envy dual fix 12 is a professional salon treatment that helps repair all hair types. Containing a perfect balance of a silk proteins and keratin amino acids to target damaged areas and attract moisture to give long lasting results." 

I would love to tell you about this treatment so much, but unfortunately (I don't know if it was due to mistreatment at the post office or something else) it arrived whole spills. I was really excited to try it but there is nothing left. I was thinking that I would bought it again because I want to try it so bad. 

You can also find on the back of what it contains, what are the benefits and how to use it. There are two possibilities for use. Intensive use - dry hair application - monthly or Regular use - wet hair application - weekly. It's only up to you and up to your hair. If your hair is more damaged I would recommend use intensive way.

Envy Dual Fix 12 Envy professional

Gentle Cleansing Shampoo
"Envy SLS/SLES and paraben-free Shampoo gently removes impurities leaving hair feeling fresh and build up free. Infused with a unique blend of keratin and silk proteins strength, this gentle shampoo leaves a clean lightweight base helping to improve performance of conditioners, treatments and styling products."

I have never had a favorite shampoo. I don't know why, maybe no shampoo suited me. I tried shampoos for hair volume, shine, strength... I also tried a silver shampoo (it is against the yellowish hue). The silver shampoo isn't bad and it also helps but it dries your hair so much. My hairdresser advised me not to use it. Then I tried this shampoo from Envy. I really didn't know what to expect, the shampoo is very washy which is a plus for me because I think you won't waste too much shampoo. It also makes your hair shiny and soft. I have very dry hair ends and greasy roots. It is a big problem because when I use shampoo for oily hair, it makes my hair ends even more dry.
This Envy professional shampoo is for all types of hair so I was wondering if it will make my hair oily or dry. I have to say it surprised me a lot. My hair is more shiny but not greasy! I also think my hair is more fresh and breezy. And if you connect it with conditioner, it will look amazing!

On the back you will also find what is does, ingredients and how to use it.

Gentle Detangling Conditioner
"Envy Detangling Conditioner is unfused with a unique blend of keratin and silk proteins to help protect and repair all hair types. Blending lightweight conditioning with superior detangling leaves your hair soft shiny and manageable reducing frizz in the process.

When I was younger, I didn't use conditioner at all. I thought I don't need it but it was a huge mistake. After I started to color my hair, my hair is much more drier and I think without any conditioner I wouldn't be able to brush my hair at all. My hair is always so matted after I wash it. Conditioner has become my must-have product for hair.
I was so excited to try this one. After washing my hair with Envy shampoo, I used this Envy conditioner. It is more stiffer than the shampoo but it is obvious. When you apply it, it will nicely melt in your hair. I don't exactly know how long should I leave it in my hair but I usually leave it 5 minutes. Directiones says: apply to freshly washed hair from roots to ends (which is how it should be) but I don't apply it from roots. As I said, I have a greasy roots so I don't want to make it more greasy.
This conditioner makes your hair shiny, fresh, soft and pleasent to the touch. It works perfect with the shampoo and it would be better with the Envy Dual Fix 12 but unfortunatelly I couldn't try it.

On the back you will find the instructions, ingredients and something about this conditioner.

Conditioner Envy professional

So what do you think guys? Would you like to try this set? I will link it down below if you are interested. It also came in a nice box and I really like the packaging of these products. Design is also very nice, combination of black with green looks perfect. You can also buy these products individually. The only thing I dislike is the smell. It is lemon scent..somebody loves it, I'm not saying that it is the bad smell but I don't like citrus scent. Otherwise, YES for me.

The Envy Blowdry Set Envy professional
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This was sponsored by Envy professional, but all opinions and photos are 100% my own.

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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