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Hello guys!
February is almost over so I prepared for you another favorite products. I have so many new things this month that I didn't know what to choose. I picked up these 8 products which were probably my favorite of all. Take a look.

I'll start with this Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder which is from their new collection. This is a transparent color, I always wanted some transparent powder but I saw many white colors and I didn't want to look too white. What I love about this powder is that it isn't white. It is very light nude color. It looks beautiful on your skin and I think it is for every type of skin. What is not so good is that your skin won't last long matte. If you have oily skin I think this powder is not right for you. I have dry skin so it is sufficient for me. I also like the system of opening to the side.

The next favorite item is this Fix & Protect Makeup Primer from Rimmel. I used Lasting finish primer before, and I have to say this primer is very similar, it is a bit thinner so it's better for my skin because I need more oily products for my skin. The primer I used before was too solid, it was better for oily skin. Your makeup will last long, I work 12 hours and it still looks good at the end of the day. It also smells good unlike the previous one.

I have to show you my new Beauty Blender. It is original beauty blender. I always wanted to buy it but it was too expensive. But I finally bought it and I'm glad I did. It is very soft and flexible unlike my beauty blender from Ebelin. I'm not saying it is not good but compared with this one it is a big difference. Beauty blender from Ebelin is too tough and absorbs too much water. The original one absorbs water as much as is needed. I have to say, sometimes I didn't use it wet but it's so much better when I tried it. Maybe I will do some special posts just about the difference between beauty blenders. 

Oral hygiene is very important. Important is also exchange your toothbrush often. I usually changed it every six months. I love to use this Curaprox toothbrush. This is ultra soft no. 5460. They also have super soft and soft. I also like the large range of colors. It's super cool when you can choose your favorite color of your brush. They also have some special edition for Valentine's day, when you can buy two brushes with a heart on the bristles. I would definitely recommend it.

Another product is this eyebrow pencil from Essence. I had this pencil before and I'm satisfied with it. The color is great, I use the lightest one, it is in color blonde. It will last all day and it is easy to work with it. It also has a little brush on the cover which is also useful. This eyebrow pencil is also very cheap but the quality is awesome.

I always have a big problem with mascaras. It's so hard to find the perfect mascara and I probably don't believe that there is a perfect mascara. But I found a very good mascara. It is Roller Lash mascara from Benefit. I think that Benefit is one of the best cosmetic brands. They have amazing quality products. I love the brush of this mascara. It divides your lashes perfectly, but it won't curl your lashes much. I have only a small version of it but maybe I will buy a big one or maybe I'll be looking for the perfect mascara.

I didn't use any lip pencil before. But it makes a big difference to your lips. It will make them so much bigger and fuller. I bought this Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner in 047 Cappuccino and I absolutely love this color! I always wanted some color like this and now I finally have it! I saw it on one blogger and it looked amazing that I had to buy it. I went to a drugstore but it was sold out but fortunately it was in another drugstore. I definitely need more colors!

The last item is this Matte XXXL Longlasting lipgloss from Essence. This is number 06 Soft Nude. To be honest this is my first liquid lipstick. I love the color of it! It's absolutely amazing, I didn't see this color anywhere. It fits perfectly to my lip pencil. It also smells good, but the only disadvantage is that it won't last more than an hour. When you eat something, it doesn't last at all. The color just disappears. It such a shame, I love this color. So you just have to redo it every hour. By the way, I was looking for an alternative to Lipkit by Kylie. I hope I will get it someday.

This is my final look! I'm using Rimmel Fix & Protect makeup primer, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Astor Perfect Stay concealer, Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder, Makeup Revolution contour kit, Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette, Benefit Roller Lash mascara, Essence eyebrow pencil, The Balm highlighter, Rimmel lip pencil and Essence lipglose.

Other favorites:
Favorite movie: The help (2011)
Favorite actor/actress: Eddie Redmayne
Favorite song: Formation - Beyoncé
Favorite brand: Missguided
Favorite book: The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
Favorite youtuber/blogger: Inthefrow


Primer Rimmel
Beauty Blender Beauty Blender
Toothbrush Curaprox
Eyebrow pencil Essence
Mascara Benefit
Lipliner Rimmel
Lipgloss Essence 

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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