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I don't know how is possible that May is almost over but it is so here are another favorite products. I wasn't so active in May when it comes to writing posts but I had a lot of work and I was also gone so that's my excuse. I've been to London last week and I have a lot of photos and stories to tell you so my blog post about my time in London will be asap! But let's go back to my favorite products now.

I'll start with this Dermacol Aroma Ritual shower gel. Dermacol is the Czech brand but they have a very good products. It was kind of funny when I was in London and some sales assistant asked me what product I use as my primer. So I said it's Dermacol and he didn't know what I'm trying to say, of course. But back to this shower gel. Dermacol has a lot of products and one of my favorites are shower gels. They have a great selection of scents. What I used before was Black Cherry and I really love the smell of it. This new one is with Fresh Watermelon and oh my god it smells so delicious. I don't know how about you but I would like to smell like watermelon.

The next up is this Loreal True Match foundation. I used this foundation before and I have to say it is one of the best foundations I've ever used. They changed the cover a bit but I think that content is the same. I love this foundation just because they have a lot of shades for your skin. You can also choose if you want more rose tone or yellow tone. It all depands on your skin tone. I got 2.C Rose Vanilla but I have a very light skin tone so it's a bit dark for me. Maybe I should have a lighter shade. But it has a very good coverage and it's easy to blend. It also looks very natural and it's cheap so why not to try it.

The next favorite thing is this Eyebrow pencil from Rimmel. I usually got the lightest shade but now I went for 002 Hazel. I didn't know that actually, I noticed that at home but I think this shade is better for me. Since I have my ombre hair done I think it looks better when my eyebrows are darker. My natural hair is brown but my eyebrow is very light and without any shape. So I have to do the whole eyebrows and sometimes it's very hard to make my eyebrows looked the same. This pencil is very pigmented so it's very easy to work with. It also has a brush on the cover so you can brush your eyebrows before using the pencil.

I love this glass foot file since I got it. I did a blog post about it in one of my previous post. You can check it out here. I have a very hard skin on my heels so I need to do my pedicure more often. But sometimes I have no time to go to a professional pedicure. So I got this Glass foot file from Crystales (it is also the Czech brand) and it's just amazing. They also have nail files with a very nice look (they have a lot of colors to choose). It's very easy to use this file (even for beginners), so if you want to know more go to the link.

The next item is this Silver shampoo from Loreal. I used silver shampoo from Schwarzkopf before and it was also a very good product. But I wanted to try something new so I got this one. I heard about this product and a lot of people said that it is good. So I tried it and I have to say they were right. I think my hair is more white/silver with this shampoo. For those who don't know what it is for, it is against the yellow tinge. The only disadvantage is that it dries your hair a little bit but you can fix it with some conditioner or balm.

The next up is this Eos lip balm. I use this product literally every day and I absolutely love it. It makes your lips so smooth and hydrated. I used this Eos balm with Summer Fruit scent before and now I got this with Passion Fruit. Both smells amazing, I can't say which one is better. It's also very easy to apply and I love the packaging of it. You definitely need to try it at least once in your life.

The final thing is this Perfect Stay Concealer from Astor. This is one of my favorite concealers I've ever tried. I showed you Liquid Camouflage concealer from Catrice in my previous post but it just ran out and I was about to buy a new one but it was sold out everywhere. So I just ended up with this one from Astor. I can't complain because this one is also very good. It has a very good coverage and it brightens up your face very well. And it's also for a very good price.

Other favorites:
Favorite movie: Colonia (2015)
Favorite actor/actress: Daniel Brühl
Favorite song: I Was Here - Beyoncé
Favorite brand: River Island
Favorite book: The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Favorite youtuber/blogger: Yasmine Chanel

Shower gel Dermacol
Foundation Loreal
Eyebrow pencil Rimmel
Foot file Crystales
Shampoo Loreal
Lip balm Eos
Concealer Astor

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