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Hello guys!
I asked you on Twitter if you would like to see my daily makeup routine and most of the answers were yes so here it is. I did my makeup routine before, I think it was two years ago but it is a bit different now and I'm also using a different products. So if you are interested in how I created this look, keep reading.

Step 1
Let's start this routine with some primer. I think that every person needs a good base under your foundation. I use this Moisturizing Face Fluid from Manufaktura, this is not primer but I really love it and it does the same work as a normal primer. I just apply it with my hands all over my face and then I wait 2-3 minutes before applying my foundation.

Step 2
Another easy step is to apply a foundation. I'm using Match Perfection from Rimmel. I did mention it in my favorite products so if you're reading my posts, you will definitely know that. I'm using shade 100 Ivory and I think it's perfect for the fall and winter. I apply it with my Beauty Blender, I think it is easy to apply with and it also looks very natural. I was using a brush before but I think I was applying too much product with it...

Step 3
The next step is applying concealer. I have to say that lately I don't use concealer at all but I need to start. So when I use it, I apply it under my eyes, on my nose, chin, forehead and sometimes on the lawer jaw. I'm using concealer Liquid Camouflage from Catrice, this is one of the best concealers I've ever used. Then I just blend it in with my beauty blender. Make sure that it is blended with your foundation well.

Step 4
Let's do some contouring! I was using this Dew the Hoola from Benefit in the summer all the time because I used it instead of my normal foundation. But now when the winter is coming and I'm pale again, I'm using it as a liquid bronzer. I apply it under my cheekbones and on the sides of my forehead and blend it in with how else than my beauty blender.

Step 5
Then I use my solid bronzer and this is Hoola from Benefit. I use it on the same spots as I used my liquid bronzer which is under my cheekbones and sides of my forehead, plus I also use it with my fingers or a small brush on the sides of my nose. I apply it with my brush no. 124 from BH Cosmetics, I really love this brand, I have a whole set from them and I'm really happy with their products.

Step 6
I think this is my favorite part of the whole routine and it is applying highlighter. This is absolutely ma favorite one and it's called Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm. I use it on my cheekbones and also on the top of my nose. I use is before also on my chin and above my lips but I don't do these steps now, but you can do it as it works best for you. And I have to mention that I'm using my brush from BH Cosmetics no. 125. It is from the Sculp and Blend 2 brush set if you're interested.

Step 7
Then I just powder the rest of my face, mainly under my eyes, chin and forehead. I love to use this HD Studio Photogenic Powder from NYX, this is a loose transparent powder and I think it's the best powder because your makeup will last all day and you won't be shiny or glossy. I'm using the same brush as I used for bronzing my face. I don't know if it's the best idea, but I love this brush and I just don't want to use another one. Maybe I need to buy two of them.

Step 8
Eyebrows here we go! I hate, hate and hate my brows but you certainly know that because I keep saying that again and again. You would hate is as well if you had the same brows as I have. But nevermind, I brush my brows with the brush on the Groof Proof Brow Pencil from Benefit. This pencil has two sides, which is very handy because you don't have to look after some brow brush and you have it on your pencil as well. I love this pencil it is one of my favorite. So after my super thick eyebrows are brushed, I use the pencil to draw the brows. It's not so hard even for me, I just draw the edge of my brows and then I just fill it. And always make sure that both brows are the same.

Step 9
I really love that trend of feather brows, so I got this brow gel called Ready, Set, Brow! also from Benefit. It is a transparent gel that keeps your brows in the place. The brush is rubber and has two sides, I use both of them I just don't see any differents between them. So I brush my brows with this brow gel and then I let it dry and brush it again.

Step 10
I cannot forget my mascara. My lashes aren't the longest so I need to put more layers of mascara. This one is from Bourjois and it is Volume Glamour Ultra Black. I probably used better mascaras but this one is also good, it doesn't smudge, fall and it lasts all day. 

Step 11
The last step are lips! Sometimes I use only lip balm, but when I want to look more sassy, I use my liquid lipstick. This one is Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX. I don't have to forget lip pencil that I use before applying my lipstick. This lip pencil I'm using is from Essence and it's called just Lipliner and I have it in shade In The Nude.

Well, and I'm done! Here is the final look. It's very easy and quick, I have it done in 15-20 minutes. How do you like it? Will you try it too? Let me know!

The products I used:
Primer Manufaktura
Foundation Rimmel
Concealer Catrice
Makeup Sponge Beauty Blender
Liquid Bronzer Benefit
Solid Bronzer Benefit
Highlighter The Balm
Brush Set BH Cosmetics
Powder NYX
Brow Pencil Benefit
Brow Gel Benefit
Mascara Bourjois
Lip Pencil Essence
Liquid Lipstick NYX

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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