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Hello guys!
I'm going to show you in this post my makeup routine. I had this idea in my mind a long time (yes, even before Kenza did it), so now it's finally here. I'll show you step by step how I do my everyday makeup (not saying that every single day, sometimes I'm too lazy). It's not so easy to show you this by pictures, if I had a youtube channel it would be easier. But I don't so I will show you like that.
I think that the process of how I'm doing my makeup has changed a lot and it will continue to change, because I'm still learning. I like to learn new things and tips and I want to keep trying something new. Lately, I've begun to contour my face which I had never done before. So take a look and I hope you learn something new from me.
By the way, all photos are NOT retouched.

Step 1

I'll start with applying my makeup. I use True match foundation from Loreal. I'm applying my makeup with my fingers, I find it more comfortable. If you're wondering whether I use a primar, I don't. Maybe I should, but I've never tried it. So if you know any good primer, let me know.

Step 2

Step two is contouring. Yeah, it looks funny I know. I'm starting with my Astor Perfect stay 24h concealer. This is no.1 Ivory. It's very important to choose the right color, if you have fair skin, I would recommend the lightest shade. Conversely, if you have a tan, it is better to use a little bit darker. Just because it would look weird if you were too bright. Then I use my L.A. Girls pro concealer, shade Beautiful bronze. I use it under my cheekbones, on the edges of my nose, on the side of my forehead and on the lower jaw. Then I all blend it using my Beauty Blender. It's really the necessity if you want to have a good contouring.

Step 3

Then I use my Makeup Revolution contour kit. First, I use this light powder to the place where I want it brighter. Actually, the places where I put my light concealer. Then I use this bronzer under my cheekbones, forehead, nose and lower jaw (places where I put my brown concealer). It's weird but I'm not using blush, so I will move on this contouring highlighter which I'm using on my cheekbones, above my eyebrows, chin and the tip of my nose.

Step 4

Then I put on some eyeshadows, my favorite are from my Makeup Revolution Hard day palette. Today I tried the smoky shadows but I usually use something finer. I also used my white eye shadow pencil from Manhattan, and I put it under my eyebrows. Then I put on my mascara, The colossal go extreme volum' from Max Factor. At the end, I have painted my eyebrows, using my S-he eyebrow pencil. Most people do it before their eye makeup but I just do it in the end.

Step 5

Lipstick! My favorite is this Makeup Revolution Nude lipstick at this moment. I love nude color!

So that's my whole makeup routine! As you can see, it's very easy. And don't forget, practice makes you perfect. Let me know if you liked it or share with me your makeup routine!
I will not be linking these products, because everything I've mentioned, you can find in my older posts.

Final look

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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