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Hello guys!
"Time goes by so fast" is my favorite sentence at the end of the month. Why not if it's true. The good thing about it is that Halloween is here, I hope you enjoyed it and had a good Halloween night! I also was nominated for the blogger of the year in the category of fashion, so if you want you can vote for me HERE. I know that lately I'm more in 'beauty' but I want to fix it and start adding more outfits. 
And now let's go back to my favorite pieces.

I'm going to start with this Miracle Shine Shampoo from Aussie. I have to admit that I've never tried anything from this brand but I heard a lot of good things. All my shampoos run out (I still can't believe it) so I have to buy a new one. I always wanted to try Aussie shampoo so I bought this one. It says: for dull, tired hair begging to shine. I'm not sure if that made my hair so shiny, but my hair is more soft and easy to brush. It also smells beautifully and consistency is very good.

When I talk about my hair I have to show you one more thing. My favorite conditioner also runs out so I started using this Hair Protein Repair from Douglas. I really love Douglas products, I think they have good quality, if you don't know Douglas, it is a German brand and they have a chain of stores across Europe. They also sell a lot of other brands, it is something like Sephora or UK Boots. 
I think this conditioner is also very good, but again I think it won't repair my hair because my hair is very damaged due to bleaching and I think it's going to be hard to make it healthy again. But it helps to make my hair more soft and easy to brush, as I said about my new shampoo. It contains protein, keratin and sweet almond oil which makes your hair more strong.

What I got next is this True Match Foundation from Loreal. This is my favorite foundation of all time, and if you're wondering why I show it so often, it is just because I love it and when it runs out, I always buy a new one. This is in shade 2N Vanilla and it perfect matches my skin tone, but winter is coming and my skin is getting brighter so maybe I'll have to buy a lighter shade. This foundation has a medium coverage which is absolutely enough for me. It is not so thick so it's very easy to blend.

I also have to mention this Bio Shea Butter from Sportique, it is the Czech brand and I was talking about it in one of my previous post, so you can check it out here. You can use this butter for absolutely everything, I mainly use it for my lips, because I have a very dry lips and this makes them so soft and hydrated. You can also use it on burns, erosions or scars or just instead of moisturizes but just in case your skin is very dry.

Another thing I'm going to show you is this Satin Makeup Base from Dermacol. Dermacol is also a Czech brand for those who don't know it. This is my second pack and this time I got a bigger size. This primer makes your skin smoother and your makeup will last all day. This is more for dry or normal skin because it is very moisturizing.

The last and final thing is for hair and it is this Airy Volume Hairspray from Syoss. I was using hairspray from Garnier before and I think it didn't hold my hair as good as this one. I got this in 4 which is extra strong fixation and it really holds your hair well. It also smells acceptably, not like others I had before.

Other favorites:
Favorite movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Favorite actor/actress: Emily Blunt 
Favorite song: Famous - Kanye West
Favorite brand: Coconut Lane
Favorite book: Bábovky - Radka Třeštíková
Favorite youtuber/blogger: Jordan Hanz

Shampoo Aussie
Conditioner Douglas
Foundation Loreal
Bio Shea Butter Sportique
Makeup Base Dermacol
Hairspray Syoss

Thank you for reading!
Love Terri

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  1. Great picks.

  2. I am using products from Aussie too and I love how they smell :) nice post


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