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Hello guys!
The new month is here and with that comes a new products. We had the Marianne Days two weeks ago here, for those who doesn't know what it is, it is a weekend of discounts. I definitely had to go, because I needed to buy some new cosmetics, I visited Sephora where I left some money. Let's take a look at what I got.

The first item I'm going to show you is this brow gel called Ready, Set, Brow! from Benefit. I used eyebrow gel from Loreal before and I was really happy with that, but in the Czech Republic don't produce the color I had, so I decided to try something different. I found this transparent brow gel from Benefit and I read a very positive reviews so I gave a try. I'm very glad I did because this gel is just amazing. It lasts all day, it doesn't stick your brows and it is easy to apply. It has two sides, one side has longer bristles and one side has smaller bristles. First, I use longer bristles, then I let it dry a bit and then I use shorter bristles.

Another favorite product is this mini lip balm from Sephora called Kiss Me Balm. This is a mini version of the original one, I got it for free for my purchase. I really like how it looks, it is so cute in my opinion. But I also think it comes very handy when you don't want to carry on some big balm, you can keep it in your pocket or purse. This balm is available in multiple colors, so you can choose which color do you like the most. It leaves a bit of color when you applying the balm but I don't mind because I like this pink color.

The next item are these Green Tea Exfoliating Wipes also from Sephora. I showed you a coconut cleansing wipes from Sephora in my previous post, but it ran out so I decided to try these ones. These are also cleansing and makeup removing, but they are a bit different. One side is thicker and it serves as exfoliation and to remove dead cells, and the other side is to remove your makeup and cleanse the skin. I like these wipes, I like green tea and it removes your makeup well, it is also good for eye makeup. But the thicker side is too harsh for me, I have a sensitive skin and it makes my skin irritated.

Another item I have to mention is this Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara from Bourjois. I have never tried mascara from this brand but I saw some reviews and were all positive, so I decided to try one too. I was using my favorite mascara Lash Sensational from Maybelline but as you know I like to try new products. I'm really glad I bought this mascara because it is amazing. It doesn't smudge, doesn't stick your lashes and it doesn't crumble. The only not good thing is that this mascara is little bit drier, so I think it won't last long, but maybe I got the wrong piece and not every piece is like that.

My another favorite thing is this Makeup Sponge from Beauty Blender. This is my third beauty blender I think and I really don't want to change it ever. I used other sponges and they were good as well, but the original beauty blender is just top. I got this one because I really like a new design, it looks like tie-dye and even it is not so beautiful anymore because of all the makeup, I still love it. I also started using a beauty blender to apply my foundation, I used my makeup brush before but I think when I apply it with the sponge, it looks more natural and you will not apply so much product on your face.

The last item is also from Sephora and it is this Instant Moisture+ Cream. I'm not totally sure but I think I have tried this moisturizer before but I had just a small tester. Anyway, I have a dry skin and this cream moisturizes, softens and nourishes my skin well. This is just a small version but I will think about to buy a normal version after this run out. And it smells amazing!

Other favorites: 
Favorite movie: American Made (2017)
Favorite actor/actress: Tom Cruise
Favorite song: Al Pacino - Timmy Trumpet & Krunk!
Favorite book: Dashenka, or the Life of a Puppy - Karel ńĆapek
Favorite brand: Missguided
Favorite youtuber/blogger: Live More! CZ

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